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Contact phone number:+1 (403) 991 0345

Contact email:

4 places in "Art Venue"

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  • Webster Galleries

    812 11th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0E5
    Fine art is inspiring. It helps us re-connect with our imagination and experience the manifestation of every human emotion. That's also…
  • Contemporary Calgary

    117 8TH AVE SW, Calgary, AB T2P 1B4
    Contemporary Calgary is dedicated to presenting exhibitions of the most relevant contemporary art, and providing public and education programs in…
  • ARCHEloft

    #200 1209 1St Street SW, Calgary, AB
    ARCHEloft is a makerspace & wearables lab in Calgary. It is an open collaborative space where its core members, called…
  • The Grand (Calgary)

    608 1 St SW, Calgary, AB
    The Grand Theatre, now known as Theatre Junction GRAND, is the oldest theatre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and presents cutting-edge…